BC Distilled 2016 Recap

Thank you everyone who attended BC Distilled this year, and to those of you who couldn't come, you missed a great time.

BC Distilled Audience Favourites

Each year I've done this a little bit differently, but I think we're getting close to an ideal format. The survey had a 41% response rate, which is pretty solid for a survey. Your favourites are:

  • Barrel-Aged Spirits: Long Table Distillery Barrel Aged Gin
  • Apéritif or Digestif: Gillespie's Fine Spirits Lemoncello
  • Brandy: Merridale Craft Spirits Stairs Pear Brandy
  • Infused Vodka: Sons of Vancouver Distillery Chili Vodka
  • Gin: Ampersand Distilling Company Ampersand Gin
  • Liqueur: Sons of Vancouver Distillery No. 82 Amaretto
  • Un-aged “Whisky”: The Liberty Distillery Railspur No. 2 Wildflower Honey
  • Vodka: Ampersand Distilling Company Per Se Vodka
  • Most Votes Overall: Sons of Vancouver Distillery Chili Vodka

You can also read the whole press release.

Other Survey Insights

I'm going to spend some time going through these in more detail in the future, but I thought I would share a few things that stood out on my first pass through:

  • Attendees loved the partnership with PADS. And to that one person - sorry, I will not bring in cats next year!
  • Attendees liked the food, but wish there was more (that was probably the number one comment regarding things you'd like to see changed). Me too -- it's actually quite difficult to get restaurants to join us. I did had seven signed up, but two dropped out in the ten days leading up to the festival. I need to spend time thinking through a different approach here.
  • I got a few comments about the variety of spirits - most liked it, but a few wanted more or less. To be clear, this isn't something I dictate - that's the distilleries' choice.
  • The majority of attendees liked the Croatian Cultural Centre - both its location and the venue itself, although I did get a few comments regarding how crowded it was. All I can say here is that finding a centrally-located venue which will allow me to bring in my own liquor license (this is required) and doesn't cost stupid amounts of money is probably the biggest logistical challenge the festival faces. 
  • Many of you had opinions regarding the length of the event. Plenty thought it was just right, but I did get several comments saying it's not long enough. The 2.5 hour time limit is on purpose. Even with small samples, 2.5 hours is plenty of time to get a little too drink. Going to three or four hours just introduces too much risk in my opinion. I'll think about other options, though. 

Thanks everyone for your feedback! 

I've randomly selected three respondents and they've been contacted about the gift certificates. I don't even have their names so I can't share them with you (I only know their email addresses).



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