BC Distilled Fall Update

BC Distilled is on Saturday, April 8, 2017.

We're excited that the date is set and we've begun to recruit BC Distilleries for next year's show. We're even more excited that next year's event isn't on Easter! It'll be at the Croatian Cultural Centre again, and yes, PADS and their puppies will be back!

Lead-in Events

Legacy Liquor in Olympic Village (our retail partner) is allowing us to use their Harvest Table for some events leading up to the main tasting. It has a capacity of 36 and our plan is to run tastings before the main event on Saturday. I've put together a 30 second survey for you to offer your feedback on what kind of spirits you'd like us to focus on. If you're interested, please fill it out as soon as possible. Pricing would depend on the specific event, but would probably run $30-60. I know what three I'd like to run but I won't be buying the tickets, so I figured I should ask you.

New Distilleries

The industry continues to grow! I've been in contact with Crow's Nest in Abbostford, Monashee in Revelstoke, and Roots and Wings in Langley. I'm not sure which (or if any) will be open in time for the April event but we'll keep our fingers crossed. In total I'm aware of 11 distilleries with plans to open, although I'm positive there are more lurking out there. You can check out my complete list here


As always, we're looking for sponsors to help offset the cost of the show. If you work for an organization that might align nicely, or could make an introduction, please reply to this email. BC Distilled punches well above its weight in media attention, and as you know we have a great demographic.