Distillery Registration, Terms & Conditions

This is part one of a two-part registration process. You can read about it here.

What We Supply

BC Distilled will provide the following:

  1. Two folding chairs

  2. One 3x8 table

  3. One table cloth

  4. Two exhibitor passes (these can be handed off, but only two representatives can be on site at any time - one additional pass can be purchased for $49.99+tax)

  5. Listing on the festival website

  6. Glassware for each attendee

  7. One spit bucket and one water jug - these are assigned to individual distilleries and we will collect them at the end of the night

What You Agree To

Upon acceptance by BC Distilled Media Ltd. (BC Distilled), this registration form, together with any fees or deposits, constitutes a contract for rental of space, assigned by BC Distilled. Any exhibitor failing to occupy space is not relieved of the obligation of paying all fees and will forfeit any deposit paid.


  • Samples: The exhibitor agrees to supply sufficient product samples at no charge to the attendees. Samples are not ‘ticketed’. Samples size is restricted to .25 oz of spirits.

  • Serving It Right: If you are serving alcohol samples, all representatives of your company must have documented Serving It Right certificates. These must be present during the tasting.

  • Space Assignment: Space will be assigned by BC Distilled. We reserve the right to make the final decision and the right to amend the floor plans or relocate the Exhibitor as necessary.

  • Distillery Staff: At least one distillery staff must be present during the tasting. Friends, agents, distributors, or other paid representatives do not count as distillery staff.

Artisan Distillery & Product Qualifications

Your distillery must meet these qualifications:

  • Original Product: The product must have been distilled and bottled by the original producer, i.e. it cannot be a rebranded or white label product.

  • Small Scale: The distillery’s sales cannot exceed 100,000 litres of absolute ethyl alcohol per year.

  • Independent Producer: The distillery must be owned and operated independently of other distilleries. If any owner (person, company, or other legal entity) of a distillery with a 10% or greater stake in the company has a 10% or greater stake in one or more other distilleries, the distilleries will be considered a single entity for the purposes of evaluating if those distilleries meet the Small Scale qualification.

    • Examples: (1) If a party owns 25% of Distillery A with 90,000L of sales, and 15% Distillery B with 15,000L of sales, both distilleries will be counted together as having a sales total of 105,000L and both Distilleries A and B will be excluded. (2) If a party owns 10% of Distillery A with 200,000L in sales, and 10% of Distillery B with 10,000L, Distillery A will be excluded under the Small Scale rule, and Distillery B will be excluded under the Independently Produced and Small Scale rules.

  • Artisan Production: The distillery applies its own techniques to ferment, blend, infuse or age its products - products must be distilled or re-distilled by the distillery. Neutral Grain Spirit is allowed with technique applied (it must be redistilled). Examples of techniques which would disqualify a product include: (1) blending purchased spirits with water and adding favouring and/or colouring without redistilling, or (2) purchasing spirits to barrel age or mix with other distillery product.


You are required to promote the festival at least once per week on either Facebook, Twitter, or your email marketing list during the ticket sales period. A portion of your deposit will be forfeited if you fail to meet this obligation.


According to BC Liquor regulations, BC Distilled must legally own all alcohol poured at the event. In order to accomplish this, you must invoice BC Distilled Media Ltd. for the alcohol you pour at the event (this can just be a regular invoice generated in Word - it doesn’t have to be a Doc 60). 

You'll receive a notice closer to the festival indicating the amount of alcohol you're allowed to pour per the Special Event Permit.


  • The Exhibitor agrees that displays will remain set up during the show’s operating hours.

  • The Exhibitor also agrees to remove all their items from the show location within one hour of the festival closing time. The exhibitor is responsible for any additional fees incurred for materials left on location after the date and time.

  • You will be charged if you fail to return or damage supplies provided by BC Distilled (e.g. water jug, spit bucket).


  1. All spirits are sold on an 'on consignment' basis, which means you may provide product to the retailer, and once sales are complete collect unsold product and bill the retailer for sold products.

  2. At the end of the evening, you must wait until retail sales are completed to collect your unsold product.

  3. If you fail to collect unsold product at the end of the evening, we'll do our best to get it back to you, but the onus will be on you. By agreeing to these terms these products become the property of BC Distilled Media, Ltd.

Sharing Your Contact Information

  • By registering for BC Distilled, the Exhibitor agrees:

    • to be added to the BC Distilled Distillery contact list which is used to communicate to distillers regarding the BC Distilled festival and occasional other events or programs,

    • to allow BC Distilled to share Exhibitor information with Serena Communications for the purposes of sharing press releases,

    • to allow BC Distilled or Serena Communications to share Exhibitor contact information with media.

  • BC Distilled will never share Exhibitor contact information with any other party except those listed above without any express permission.


Exhibitors must forward to BC Distilled proof of insurance with at least $2 million Commercial General Liability, including liquor liability, product liability and contractual liability coverages, naming BC Distilled Media, Ltd. 406-1050 Broughton Street, Vancouver, BC V6G 2A6 as an Additional Insured.  

* This should be a simple rider attached to your regular insurance. It is usually free, but you may be charged a small administrative fee by your broker or insurer. If your insurer quotes you hundreds of dollars, they're doing it wrong.

Exhibitors wishing to insure their exhibit materials, goods and/or wares of exhibits against theft, damage by fire, accident or loss of any kind, must do so at their own expense. Each exhibiting company is responsible for obtaining insurance in such amounts as deemed appropriate at their own discretion. 

BC Distilled is not responsible for loss or damage to any property, or injury to any person of the Exhibitor, its agents, employees, volunteers, invitees, licensees or guests. Exhibitor assumes responsibility and liability for all damage, loss and injury to property and persons arising from the movement or operation of Exhibitor’s exhibit, and hereby agrees to indemnify BC Distilled for any loss or liability with regard to the same.


  1. Failure to adhere to these policies and regulations may result in expulsion from the festival. You will forfeit your deposit and receive no compensation.

  2. Serving-it-Right and BC Liquor regulations must be strictly adhered to.

  3. There can be no cash transitions for alcohol samples.

  4. Alcohol can be served during festival hours only.

  5. All glassware will be provided by BC Distilled. No other glassware may be used.

  6. No food exhibitors or providers may serve alcohol without express permission from BC Distilled.

  7. Exhibitors must abide by all local health, safety, alcohol and fire regulations at their cost.

  8. Exhibitors aren’t guaranteed wall space — free standing displays which don’t go much past six feet, as well as banners on or behind the table are fine.

Reducing Waste at BC Distilled

BC Distilled's goal is to be a zero-waste event. Please review and follow these guidelines and rules.


  1. Absolutely no disposable plastic, including glassware. Glassware is provided to all attendees. If you have plastic cups at the event, we will ask you to give them to us until the event is over.

  2. If you feel you absolutely require cups for pre-made cocktails, they must be compostable (PLA) cups. Ask for permission in advance. You must provide clearly marked receptacles at your table. We reserve the right to require proof of the cups' composition. You will be assessed a disposal fee of $50.

  3. No plastic cocktail picks. If you feel you have to use them, they must be made from compostable material only.

  4. No straws.

  5. Separate your waste: any waste you generate to prepare your samples or any cocktails must be separated by you into clearly marked containers provided by you, at the back of your table. This includes:

    1. Compostable material

    2. Glass

    3. Plastic

    4. Paper products

    5. Garbage

  6. BC Distilled will provide clearly marked waste containers for attendees to use, but the waste you generate in preparing your samples must be collected and separated by you on your own containers. Volunteers will be available to help dispose of your waste in between shows or when needed.


  1. Minimize swag and other non-recyclable marketing material.

  2. Avoid the use of pop cans with plastic holders (which can't be recycled and end up in landfill). Use bottled product instead.

  3. Avoid non-recyclable decorations such as balloons.