Exhibitor Staff Registration

BC Liquor has has requested the names and Serving it Right numbers for all exhibitor staff to be recorded and available at the event. As a result I must collect this information in advance. I will also be issuing name badges for all exhibitor staff. Details:

  • Remember you get TWO FREE EXHIBITOR PASSES. There's space for five names below, for those who've purchased extra passes OR if you plan on using different staff for the afternoon and evening tasting sessions.
  • If your SIR does not have an expiry date, enter 09-20 (Sep 2020)
  • Your pourers will be required to present their SIR in order to receive their exhibitor pass and pour samples at the show.
  • If any of your pourers do not have their SIR with them at the event, they won't be allowed into the show.
  • You'll have until one week before the show to register and/or edit your attendees.
  • When you register, you'll get a copy and a link to edit your entries in the future, if something changes.
  • Remember: this year there is a requirement that at least one distillery staff/owner must be present. You can bring agents, friends, volunteers, and so on, but someone from your distillery must be present.