Distillery Information - go here for show basics

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Product Registration

  • All products must be registered in order to be served at BC Distilled.

  • In order for us to retail our products, we need the product name, a SKU, the wholesale and retail prices. If you choose not to sell through our retailer, you must still register your products, however we require retail pricing.

  • Distilleries may only sell products through our retailer and must register their products below.

  • You can register up to six products. You will receive an email confirmation with the details of the products you registered. Please keep it as it contains a link to allow you to edit your entries if something changes.

Pricing Your Spirits

  • The retail price you enter below will be before taxes are added.

  • You should set both your wholesale and retail prices, but be reasonable. If you set a wholesale price at $40 and a retail price at $44 we'll ask you to change it. The standard hospitality rate is usually just below 20% - please aim in that area.