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Step 2: Product Registration

This year all products must be registered in order to be served at BC Distilled. This serves three primary purposes:

  1. It gives a complete and accurate list for the Audience Favourite Awards, allowing you to choose the correct category.
  2. It provides an accurate list for our retailer.
  3. We will publish the list in advance so that attendees can plan their evening.

In order for us to retail our products, we need the product name, a SKU, the wholesale and retail prices. If you don't have a SKU just make one up. 

Distilleries may only sell products through our retailer and must register their products below.

You can register up to nine products. You will receive an email confirmation with the details of the products you registered. Please keep it as it contains a link to allow you to edit your entries if something changes.

Pricing Your Spirits

  • The retail price you enter below will be before taxes are added.
  • You should set both your wholesale and retail prices, but be reasonable. If you set a wholesale price at $40 and a retail price at $44 we'll ask you to change it. The standard hospitality rate is usually just below 20% - please aim in that area.