Hello person from the internet:

I think we’re good! You can fill out the form below if you want get on to the volunteer list. I might need someone last minute, or otherwise I can get you on the list to be notified for next year.


Thank you for registering to volunteer with BC Distilled.

Festival Facts

  • The date - Saturday, April 6, 2019.

    • The trade/VIP tasting will take place from 2:00-4:30pm

    • The public tasting will take place from 6:00-9:00pm.

  • The venue - Croatian Cultural Centre.

Volunteer Shifts

  1. Shift 1: includes setup through to the end of the trade/VIP tasting - 10am to 5pm. 26 volunteers needed.

  2. Shift 2: includes resetting for public tasting through to tear-down - 4pm to 10-11ish pm 26 volunteers needed.

  3. Super-shift: do them both!

What will I be doing?

There are a number of tasks and stations for volunteers. There is a schedule of what needs to be done when, and how many people need to be on each task. There are also designated volunteer stations. Volunteers will be on a station for 30 minutes and then move to a new station. One of the volunteer stations is 'sample spirits.

Some of the things include:

  • Setup and tear down - getting our equipment rental stuff positioned, getting glassware ready

  • Checking tickets, handing out glassware and programs

  • Ensuring we don't exceed fire code head counts in either room

  • Managing a recycling station

  • Emptying buckets and filling water for distilleries

  • Traffic direction - welcoming people and pointing out the rooms

  • Sample some spirits and pet the puppies

You can check out a copy of my volunteer schedule docs here if you want more details.

What's in it for me?

  1. Access to the festival - during your shift, there'll be time to take a break and and try the products. If the timing works out, I can also give you a ticket to one of the tasting sessions.

  2. Food … mmm.

  3. A BC Distilled t-shirt, probably (assuming I have your size)

  4. A goody bag filled with swag from participating distillers.

  5. A sense of great satisfaction.

  6. Puppies.

Signing Up

I'll review sign ups as often as possible and updating the numbers I need below. I'm willing to go a little higher if I get a lot of interest, but please be aware - I may have to say thanks but no thanks if I get too many volunteers for a time slot.

Last year I had about a 24 volunteers for each shift, but I'm increasing it this year to reduce the workload.

  • Shift one needed: 26

  • Shift one remaining spaces: 4

  • Shift two needed: 26

  • Shift two remaining spaces: 4